Scientific studies

An independent US study published in 2016 by FACTS confirms sympto's superiority : 

The educational tool sympto® perfectly illustrates the symptothermal rules as they are discribed in the Manual The Complete Symptothermal Method. However, when Symptothermia (symptothermal Method) is used without sympto® in the old fashioned way, just with a BBT thermometer, a paper or electronic chart, we are in the world of the symptothermal schools  of the last 40 years. As a matter of fact, Symptothermia is not a contraception at all, it is neither a method for preventing pregnancy nor a birth control. Symptothermia is a natural conception regulation based on the conscious competence and free choice of a female person or a couple to manage the fertile window. 

Again: the educational tool sympto® is not a contraception app. It does not predict ovulation, neither does it predict the next menstruation and it does not work with statistics in order to "calclulate" the fertile and infertile days of the female cycle. sympto® is an educational tool which helps you to learn and to manage symptothermia.

sympto® has undergone studies that are visible below.

The English press release of the comparative study of 2013 is available here.

The 2014 study, published in a Swiss gynecological journal, is available here: info@gynäkologie, 4, 2015, 33- 35:

Full Comparative App-Study 2013, only in French

Full Comparative App-Study of 2014


The study of 2013 was published in The European Journal of Contraception and Reproductive Health, Vol. 19, Supplement 1, May 2014, p. 201.


A) below the most recent clinical studies: (The WHO studies of the eighties are completely outdated.)

  1. Here a recent summary of most of the studies:
    Osteopathic Family Physician (2013) 5, 2–8:
    Fertility awareness-based methods of family planning: A review of effectiveness for avoiding pregnancy using SORT, Michael D. Manhart, PhD, Marguerite Duane, MD, MHA, FAAFP, April Lind, MD, Irit Sinai, PhD, Jean Golden-Tevald. From the Couple to Couple League, Cincinnati, OH; Georgetown University, Washington, DC; Park Nicollett Clinic, Maple Grove, MN; and Morningstar Family Health Center, Clinton, NJ.
  2. Frank-Herrmann,P., Heil,J., Gnoth,C. et al (2007) The effectiveness of a fertility awareness based method to avoid pregnancy in relation to a couple's sexual behaviour during the fertile time: a prospective longitudinal study. Hum.Reprod., 22, 1310-1319.
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