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60 euros : Programa de aprendizaje de Sympto a plazos / seguimiento

60,00 CHF por unidad



To recap : A counselor accompanies you for a 6-month period and assists you in studying the complimentary Manual. This ensures that you are competent to practice symptothermal for contraception. You communicate with your counselor to validate your observations regularly so that you can be sure of your fertility status even during your learning phase.

You have Premium Access on to all your cycle charts (also accessible on your App) and can share them in women’s online groups such as the French group Facebook Symptothermie

In the beginning, depending on the evolution of your cycle, you must use protection.  Your counselor will be able to tell you when your infertile phase begins where you do not need to use protection. After the 6 months are up you will be issued your symptothermal certificate. This attests to your competence and you will then be able to observe your fertility autonomously provided you invested yourself in the learning process.   

Payment in installments: how? 

You can pay for the 6 months in 3 installments by making three payments of 70 CHF each within three months: Please inform us via the message box that you choose the option ‘installments’. So you pay 70 CHF each for three consecutive months to have 6 months of counseling. If you are not satisfied with your counseling and your Premium Access you can stop making payments and your counseling expires at the end of that month. For example : You make your second payment after one month but you are no longer satisfied in your second month. You will not be refunded your payment made but you can stop any further payments and your counseling concludes at the end of that same month. But once you have made all three payments your 6 months of counseling are secured !

I want to keep my Premium Access

You can buy another Daisy +/Learning Program (and use our installments option to pay, see monthly installments ) : So you get another 6 months of counseling and the Foundation extends your Premium Access indefinitely ! Yes : If  you purchase 2 Daisy + programs (1 year of follow up) you will keep your Premium Access indefinitely.  

If you buy a MARGARETE after your 6-month learning program (Daisy +), this payment grants you continuous Premium Access to your charts !

 Ok: You no longer want counseling but would like to continue charting via your Premium Access on You have two options : You can buy a simple Daisy (45 CHF) to receive 6 months of Premium Access. 90 CHF per year. Or you buy a Margarete for 299 CHF which gives you an unlimited premium access.

Beyond our Combo Products: our Smartphone Apps

Our apps (sympto free and sympto PLUS) allow you to continue charting even when your Premium Access on has expired. Please note: The sympto Plus app is not included in our combo offer and must be purchased separately in the Google Play Store. 

 Complimentary download of sympto Free (iPhone, Windows and tablet): continuous free access to turn your mobile device into the world’s most advanced fertility tracker.

For smartphones (Google Play, Android) : once your 15-day trial (that cannot be extended) is up we charge a symbolic price. This is a one-time payment for indefinite use of the app. If you do not wish to purchase this virtual jewel you can click on ‘other offers’ to install sympto Free, complimentary, of course.  If you are using an iPad or a tablet to chart please find the app in your corresponding app store. 

In closing : sympto Plus does not require an internet connection to run but it syncs your data with your account on whenever you are connected. You can thus chart your observations on your device anywhere in the world independent of wi-fi or connectivity status. sympto free on the other hand requires a steady internet connection.  

 iPhone and Windowssympto free, continuous and free access but only with internet connection : Web app

 Android sympto PLUS, access for a symbolic price, internet connection only for synchronization (Native App, standalone)

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