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Starter Kit

115,00 CHF cad.


Our Starter-Kit for 115 CHF: 45 minutes of counseling session plus all materials you need to tackle the symptothermal method!

This offer is your ideal jump-off point into the symptothermal world. Shipping of your learning materials will take about 2-3 weeks. You set the starting day of your counseling and can postpone your 30 days with your counselor!

Included in the kit :

  • shipping of the thermometer and the Guide
  • counseling (see the offer Counseling) ((= CHF) as well as Premium Access for 30 counseling days on our website 30 CHF)
    This thermometer is designed specifically for fast and precise recording of your waking temperature. Price: 24.9 CHF shipping included.
  • The Guide: sympto Basics for 9 CHF
  • Instead of  80+30+24.9+15+9 = 158,9 you pay only 115!

The Complete Symptothermal Guide: Ecological Birth Control and Pregnancy Achievement is also available for free download on The print version is on Amazon.

Not included

  • the costs for the apps.

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  • Goals: Fertility Awareness: tracking ovulation - women empowerment , effective natural contraception and achieving pregnancy, personal note book during pregnancy, special programs for breastfeeding  and for perimenopause
  • Safe storage of all charts, past and present (dating back to the year 2000). Charts are ready for print out in pdf format. Your charts can be posted on Forums or sent by email prior to appointments with your OBGYN for discussion.